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11th International Submarine Race, ISR 11 Links

Following are links to the International Submarine Race web site and Facebook pages: http://isrsubrace.org and http://www.facebook.com/InternationalSubmarineRaces.ISR11. The Facebook pages have hundreds of photos and many videos and links to news articles. If you visit it please be sure to “like” the … Continue reading

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The 11th International Submarine Races – ISR11

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the 11th International Submarine Races, ISR 11, in Bethesda, Maryland. The difference this time was that I was there as a judge and not a contestant. It gave me a whole new … Continue reading

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122 Days Until the 10th International Submarine Races

Well the time is really flying now. It’s down to only 122 days.  I’m sure some of the teams have completed their subs already and are in the final testing and optimizing stages, but some… well they are still trying … Continue reading

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137 Days to the 10th International Submarine Races

Well, we’re down to 137 days to the start of the 10th International Submarine Races. No word yet on the number of teams or the identification of teams that will be competing this year. I’ve started browsing the web sites … Continue reading

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Faux Fish Photo Diary

The photo diary of Faux Fish is now available on a separate page. It shows construction photos and explains the building process. I still have to add videos and specification sheets for Faux Fish and Bogus Batoid. https://fauxfish.wordpress.com/faux-fish/

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Bogus Batoid Photo Diary

I now have a separate page devoted to Bogus Batoid. Be sure to check it out. It’s almost all pictures and shows the construction process. I will soon also be adding a video and specifications sheet for Bogus Batoid. https://fauxfish.wordpress.com/bogus-batoid-photo-diary/Continue reading

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Mock Medusa is starting to take shape

The decision was made to build a human-powered jellyfish. Now how do we do it? While continuing to update my jellyfish files and working on a schedule I’ve started to write up a set of design parameters for the sub. … Continue reading

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