New Wet-sub Design

Although I’ve had to withdraw from the human powered sub race this year I have been working on a couple of powered wet sub design concepts for Deep/Quest2 Expeditions, a Canadian underwater exploration and film documentary company led by Dr. Kenn Feigelman. They have a great web site that goes into depth, no pun intended, on their past, current and future projects. Check them out at

Originally we were going motorize and use Faux Fish and Bogus Batoid in one of their documentaries not only as props but as camera carrying subs. After reviewing what they needed versus what we could actually do with Faux Fish and Bogus Batoid Kenn asked me if I would be interested in designing and building a powered wet sub specifically for their underwater filming applications. How could I say no? The specifications for the sub are still evolving as we explore different sub concepts. Stay tuned because when we finally settle on a design I will be documenting the whole construction and testing process.

I will be showing the sub concepts here as I get them drawn up. Here is the first.





I am currently using Alibre Cad software for the design and it seems to be working out fine. I bought this program a few years ago and this is the first big project that I am using it for. I use Autocad Inventor at my real job so picking up Alibre was pretty easy. There were a few things that I had issue with but for the time being I will blame it on my inexperience with the software. I’ll do software updates as I progress on this project.

The first real challenge was to model the 3d manikins to put in the sub to verify size requirements. The manikins are representative of 95th percentile males wearing twin 80 aluminum tanks. We will still make some physical mock ups that we will put underwater with actual divers to verify final measurements before beginning construction.

Also, Alibre has recently partnered with a conpany that makes a great photo rendering software called Hypershot that I just downloaded. I can’t wait to try it out.

More to follow.

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