Upcoming Faux Fish Tail Operation Details

Sorry for not keeping up with this blog lately. The company that I work for is getting ready for a big trade show next month and I have been tied up with a couple of big projects. I am one of the fortunate engineers that get to work in a little known glamorous branch of engineering, the design of battery changing machines for forklift trucks. Our machines pull 4000# batteries from lift trucks, put them away on a rack stacked 1 to 10 high to be recharged and pull a fresh battery to be replaced in the truck. All in under a couple of minutes.

Anyway, next week I will be bringing Faux Fish in from out in the snow to start the conversion to battery power. Before I take her all apart I will be taking a series of photographs and videos to show details of the tail operation. Maybe someone can use some of the concepts or improve on them for their own swimming sub. Part of the conversion process will be to outfit the sub with a hard ballast tank and trim system. This is necessary because the foam insulation blocks that we use in the race may crush and lose buoyancy at deeper operational depths. I will also be taking some hull sample and putting them in a pressure chamber to see how the foam core hull stands up to pressure. I’m trying for a 100 foot operational depth but we will see. To eliminate the necessity of having a pressure resistant battery housing I will probably go with a battery box that balances internal pressure to external pressure without having to oil fill it. Details to follow.

I also started putting together a 1/4 scale model of Mock Medusa to see if the concept even works. I hope to find an indoor swimming pool to let me test it out in before the end of the year. Maybe the local YMCA?

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2 Responses to Upcoming Faux Fish Tail Operation Details

  1. Esteemed Inventor,
    How can I communicate with the person who changed the faux fish tail from marlin to grouper? I’ld love to show you the videos of my reticulating shark/lizard motion swimfin. I’m dyin’ to get your input!


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