How does Mock Medusa sound?

Down to 264 days to the 10th International Submarine Races. Well, we made a decision and we are going to try and build a human-powered jellyfish. In keeping with the simulated sea life names, Faux Fish and Bogus Batoid, our next sub will be named Mock Medusa. In spite of what might be a high probabilty of having a non-moving, uncontrollable sub, I think we will have a definite winner in the style catagory. Imagine a 10 foot diameter silicone jellyfish with simulated biolumenescence. How cool would that be? If only there would be some sort of award for that.

Here’s the plan. Create a design/build schedule. Find all my files on jellyfish propulsion and start reviewing them for relevant information. Update my research files for any new papers or articles. Design and test mechanism on Alibre cad. Build scale model for testing. Start construction.

I have followed the International Submarine Races since the first one in 1989 and participated in the last three. In fact, I still have one sub, Sandshark, that I built for the 6th ISR that still has never been in the water. A minor shop accident the day before I was to leave for the race prevented us from competing. (I now have a sign in my shop that says “Use Clamps Not Hands”) Maybe if we have problems with our jellyfish I’ll take this to the next race. 

This one, like Faux Fish moves by swimming like a fish. It was actually modeled from a Porbeagle shark. It has a custom made neoprene skin made from wet-suit material. The biggest problem with this design is the force that it takes to stretch the skin while swimming, not a major problem to overcome.  

But, since Mock Medusa will work perfectly, I may just have to keep Sandshark for the 11th International Submarine Race in 2011or maybe, I’ll just motorize it to play around with.

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