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Welcome to my blog. My name is Bruce Plazyk and over the next ten months I’ll be talking about the upcoming International Submarine Race, ISR #10 www.isrsubrace.org, and the sub(s) my son Martin and I will be building for it.

As of today we have 294 days until the race starts and I thought that by putting our schedule and progress on line we won’t wait until six weeks before the race to start building our sub(s). Not that that has ever happened before.

First, a little about the race and our previous subs.

The International Submarine Races started in 1989 as an engineering competition to help foster an interest in ocean engineering among high school and college students. The submarines are powered by one or two scuba divers who propel the sub through an underwater course. Subs can be driven by propellers or some other method such as fins, pumps, flapping wings etc. The ISR site above has a a lot of information on past and future races along with rules, photos and race results. Also a web search on human-powered submarines will bring up enough reading material to keep you busy for months.

We took our subs Faux Fish to ISR #7 and #8 and Bogus Batoid to ISR #9.

Faux Fish is a one person sub that is propelled by swimming like a fish and Bogus Batoid moves by flapping its wings like a manta ray. I’ll be putting up separate pages on each of them in the future.

I originally decided to enter the non-propeller category in the race because I didn’t think that we could compete against the colleges and universities in the propeller category. Also, I really enjoy coming up with mechanisms to make these craft swim.

I still haven’t decided which direction to go for the 10th ISR. The only thing for sure is that the sub or subs will be non-propeller driven. The first sub will be in keeping with our marine life theme because it is just so much fun. Some of the ideas are sea horse, squid, sea snake, turtle, shrimp and my favorite, a jellyfish. Each would require a unique drive that Rube Goldberg would be proud of. The second sub, if funds and time allow, would be a two-person sub with oscillating foils. This one as opposed to our other subs would be designed for speed with the sole intent of stopping an unnamed Canadian team from getting the world record in this category since I think they have every other record in the books. I’ve had this sub on the drawing board for a couple of years now and would really like to give it a shot.

Right now my priorities are to get my garage shop in order, update my Alibre 3D cad software and decide which sea creature we will try to mimic.

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